The Legacy Leader

There’s nothing more authentic, impactful or powerful than a leader who is truly themselves.

The greatest leaders in history have left their mark not by fitting into a box, but by being fully and completely themselves. They kept close at hand the integrity of who they are, and used their unique gifts and special skills to inform their leadership. We help modern leaders like you, do the same.

You can't mass produce great leaders; masters are made one at a time.

Leadership is one of the most popular modern business topics to discuss because it’s a cornerstone of our human existence. We think we have it down to a science. We think we’ve created a leadership formula complete with checkboxes for the characteristics you should manifest, and that anyone who follows this formula will be successful.

The problem is Leadership is not a recipe or a series of checkboxes. It’s something that comes through you, not from you. It’s a balance of nature and nurture. Genius and vision don’t come from being what other people say you should be.

You already have a unique genius and a unique vision, to be a great leader you need to discover what you area of genius is, cultivate it and let it grow.

Create meaningful conversations for greater partnership success

When we attempt to put leaders into boxes is stifles their unique genius and limits the potential of your organization.


More Pressure - Less Time

Many modern leaders confirm that they feel the increasing pressure to make bigger decisions, in less time, with less information.

Managing Multiple Paradoxes

With larger teams and multiple simultaneous partnerships, you’re expected to manage competing interests, priorities or paradoxes everyday.

Communicating The Vision

Finding ways to effectively communicate the short and long-term vision so others are magnetically drawn to your cause over time.

Overcoming Hierarchy

Transcending the conventional strains of hierarchy to present new or innovative ideas/concepts/visions.

Every leader has value, riches and skills they aren’t capitalizing on.

If we want leaders who can lead across generations we need them to be unique, more congruent with their own natural skills and abilities. Understanding the genius you already have and tapping into your innate intelligence will help you be a more successful leader than any set of checkboxes.