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Master Building
Your Big Idea

Awaken your inner master builder and refine the habits that create action.

Outline Your Plan

Create a Prototype

Get Peer Feedback

The world can’t benefit from a product or service that hasn’t been created. The reason your idea hasn’t manifested is because it’s stuck between your ears, or on paper, and is still just an over-thought wish.

Visionaries like you invest a lot of time thinking and planning – but the gap between the mind and manifestation has a lot more to do with your ability to turn knowledge into action, especially during the early stages of idea development.

After years of working with visionaries, we discovered the missing link in transforming an idea (energy) into form (matter). And it’s really simple. In fact you are born with it already pre-programmed into your DNA. We know this from observing young children and their play. Children are able to synchronize planning and building into simultaneous actions, they have rapid learning cycles to adjust their creations on the fly, and they have FUN during the process.

Planning and building are synergistic, but visionaries often get caught in thinking and talking (instead of acting). Standard adult learning programs reinforce this – focusing more on knowledge transfer than on knowledge application.

Now is your chance to dust off that big idea, awaken your inner master builder and refine the habits that move you to action!


  • Determining your desired outcome for your big idea
  • Defining what you’re willing to offer in return
  • Outlining your specific plan to make it happen
  • Starting where you stand to begin making progress immediately


  • Refined daily habits that facilitate success
  • A live 3D prototype of your idea (you will build something that represents your end in mind)
  • Refined master plan for that big idea
  • Expert feedback on your prototype from your peer mastermind group

Dust off that big idea and join us for four days of inspiring activities and breakthroughs.

Event Details & Logistics


Thursday June 8th, 2017 – Sunday June 11th, 2017


8:00 am – 8:00 pm (daily)

Day 1 Agenda (Eastern time zone)

2:00 pm      Arrival & Relax

4:00 pm      Program

6:00 pm       Dinner

8:00 pm       Evening activity

10:00 pm     Lights out

Day 2 & 3 Agenda (Eastern time zone)

6:00 am      Wake up

7:00 am       Breakfast

8:00 am       Program

12:00 pm      Lunch

1:00 pm        Integration

2:00 pm       Program

6:00 pm       Dinner

8:00 pm       Evening activity

10:00 pm     Lights out

Day 4 Agenda (Eastern time zone)

6:00 am       Wake up

7:00 am       Breakfast

8:00 am       Program

11:00 pm      Wrap-up

12:00 pm      Departure


First Responders: $1,998 (+HST)
when you register before May 8th, 2017

Early Bird Rate: $2,498 (+HST)
when you register between May 9th – May 15th, 2017

Regular Rate: $2,998 (+HST)
when you register after May 15th, 2017


Payments can be made via e-transfer to enette@level8leadership.com. Your spot is confirmed once full payment has been received.

Due to the nature of the program, tuition is Non-refundable for any reason. You may transfer your spot to another individual prior to June 1, 2017.


Private Executive Cottage in Muskoka, On

You can stay at the cottage overnight at no additional cost (10 beds available on first served basis). Otherwise, travel and accommodation expenses are not included*.

  • 4,200sqft of bliss & natural light
  • Shared sleeping quarters (10 beds)
  • Shared bathrooms (3 full)
  • Shared meal preparations & clean-up
  • Eco-friendly lifestyle
  • Muskoka rock built-in
  • Dress is cottage casual
  • Parking is limited; car-pooling desire

Travel & Accommodations:

For those who wish to stay at a hotel instead of the cottage, you can book rooms at Christie’s Mill Inn & Spa (about a 10 minute drive from the cottage).

Christie’s Mill Inn & Spa
263 Port Severn Road North
Port Severn, ON


Meet Enette Pauzé, PhD

VBP Founder & Program Facilitator

Enette Pauzé is the CEO of the Level 8 Leadership Institute, a private organization dedicated to inspiring world leaders who leave global legacies. Enette grew up in a small family business (G3), and combining her expertise in leadership, business partnerships and family enterprise, she serves as a facilitator and business advisor.

Her experience comes from leading provincial and national multi-stakeholder and cross-sector partnerships, global masterminds, training partnership leaders globally, conducting primary partnership and collaboration research, and writing articles, books and educational resources (on the topics of partnerships, leadership, collaboration, and coaching).