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Developing a Partnership Strategy

Intensive, real-world training for today's modern executives

Value-Based Partnerships:: Executive Intensive

Partnering and collaboration are key to the success of any organization.

As a leader you’ve likely been developing partnerships for decades. But does your organization have a system or strategy for mapping partnerships, monitoring performance or addressing problems before they become disasters?

Whether you’re new to partnerships or a seasoned leader ready to grow, the Partnership Strategy Intensive is designed to teach you how to plan, build, maintain and dissolve value-based partnerships with greater ease and less stress, all in an applied learning environment.

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Build partnering into your strategy.

The most results-oriented, partnership-specific program available, The Partnership Strategy Intensive is hands-on program that teaches smart, effective value-based partnering skills to leaders who want to increase the value of their partnerships, while increasing their value as a partner.

If you’re in the Strategic Planning phase with your organization, if you’ve been given mandated partnerships, if you’re going through a merger, or if you’re applying for accreditation; this program will exponentially amplify your success.

  • Identify your highest priority partnerships
  • Create alignment between partnerships and strategic priorities
  • Invest time, energy and resources in the right partnerships
  • Catch problems in advance with regular partnership audits
  • Amplify the performance and value of key partnerships
  • Partner confidently with those you don’t know, don’t like, or don’t trust
  • Gain credibility as a more valuable community partner

Next program launches Fall 2017. Reserve your seat today!

Value-Based Partnerships:: Executive Intensive
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How will it change your organization?

Through intensive training workshops, virtual meetings and partnership webinars, we explore the key principles of Value-Based Partnerships; building the skills to identify and develop strategic partnerships while freeing up and redistributing critical resources.

The Partnership Strategy Intensive includes:

  • Kick-off training session (virtual),
  • 2 day in-person intensive training workshop (check locations),
  • Monthly meetings (4x90min, teleconference) with consultation feedback,
  • Complimentary training webinars for your highest valued partners,
  • Tools and resources to walk you through each phase of the program
  • A virtual community to foster ongoing learning and exchanges (LinkedIn),
  • A limited license authorizing ongoing use of the VBP-EI Audit tools within your organization.

Participants receive a certificate of completion, and may be eligible for continuing education (CE) credits for various professional affiliations.

Next program launches Fall 2017. Reserve your seat today!

Value-Based Partnerships:: Executive Intensive

The Partnership Strategy Intensive is comprised of four distinct phases:



We kick off the program with a virtual training session to introduce you to the Value-Base Partnership Principles© and the 3 Critical Criteria every partnership must have to be successful. We review the components of the VBP Audit Tools and prepare you to complete your partnership audit prior to the in person intensive.



The in-person training workshop is designed to be educational, with an emphasis on consultation feedback. We focus on helping you address your toughest partnership questions that arise during the audit, including: building new partnerships, partnership performance, dissolving partnerships, or obtaining additional resources



This is where we engage your partner network to create a common understanding and shared language; providing an important foundation for your ongoing partnerships. This jam-packed webinar provides them with the basics of the VBP Principles, at no added cost for you, or them. Invite your internal executive team and board members and the teams of each of your partners.



Until now, your partners have been put under the microscope. It’s time for you to reach out to your partners to check-in about their perceptions of the partnership.  We give you the tools you need to facilitate meaningful conversations with your highest priority partners, to determine if you’re on track to success.

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