About Level 8 Leadership Institute

As a leader you might dream it alone, but you don’t do it alone. Brainstorm the biggest problems faced by civilization and quickly see that no one will be tackling the challenges ahead in isolation - not in any industry, type of business, generation or country. Leveraging partnership synergy is essential for visionaries and business leaders who intend to have impact, influence, and fuel a profitable and purposeful legacy.

Researching the great world leaders, centenarians and 100yr+ family enterprises revealed there are three elements to BEING a legacy: mastery of leadership, partnership, and stewardship. As a professional facilitator and business advisor, Enette works with visionary leaders of small, large and family- and non-family-owned businesses to build capacity and excel in these three critical areas.

We all inherit the good/bad decisions from our predecessors, which is why generational leadership and stewardship of a shared cause are important. Not only do we need to work together to accomplish the impossible (e.g., masterminds, peer groups, forums), we need to be able to do it across generations. A legacy doesn’t belong to the leaders of the past or present; it belongs to the people who benefit from it generations from now.

Dedicated to inspiring world leaders who leave global legacies.

Founded in 2009, the Level 8 Leadership Institute is a private educational organization with students in 7 countries: Canada, USA, Mexico, South Africa, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, and India.

Researching the great world leaders, centenarians and 100yr+ family enterprises revealed there are three elements to BEING a legacy: mastery of leadership, partnership, and stewardship.

Our courses and resources span three disciplines:
1. The Legacy Leader: Harmony of one mind
2. The Legacy Partner: Harmony of many minds
3. The Legacy Steward: Harmony across generations

You can connect your cause by signing up for the Partnership Edge, participating in an upcoming course, or submitting a contact form to request more information about our custom programs.

Enette Pauzé, PhD, FEA

CEO & Founder

Dr. Enette Pauzé is a world class specialist in Value-Based Partnerships™, a master facilitator and global educator. For more than 20 years, Enette’s passion has been leading multi-stakeholder and cross-sector partnerships and global masterminds, training partnership leaders globally.

In 2009, Enette founded the Level 8 Leadership Institute Inc., a private research, education and services institute helping leaders of strategic, multi-stakeholder and cross-sector partnerships solve complex human problems (whether they know, like and trust each other … or not). Our clients span multiple industries (private, public, government, education, charities, foundations, family businesses, and non-profit), with executives and business families from Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, South Africa, United Kingdom, India, Sri Lanka and Sweden.

A dedicated polymath and lifelong learner, Enette is constantly conducting primary partnership and collaboration research, and writing articles, books and educational resources on the topics of partnerships, leadership, collaboration, and coaching. She completed her PhD at the University of Toronto, specializing in organizational partnerships, and is a designated Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA). Enette is an active member of the Global Speakers Federation, the Family Enterprise Xchange (CA), the Purposeful Planning Institute (US), and a Past-President, Toronto Chapter, of the Canadian Association for Professional Speakers.

In Enette’s private practice, she works exclusively with visionary wealth creators and inheritors. As a master facilitator, she serves as the Toronto 3 Chair for TIGER 21 and the Toronto Chapter Chair for the Women Presidents’ Organization, in Canada. As a trusted advisor, she serves Family Enterprises, Family Businesses, Family Offices, and Foundations who have 7G mindsets and are dedicated to stewarding 100yr+ legacies.

Enette and her husband (who is also a dynamic professional speaker) are busy raising their three young boys in Toronto, Canada where their family life is filled with competitive gymnastics, cottaging in Muskoka, and quality time with family and friends.

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